Active Investment Management

Active Investment Management | Ingram Financial Group FL


When it comes to investing, one plan never fits all. Our guidance is honed by education, research and decades of practical experience with markets, indices and historical and empirical trends - your portfolio, however, is designed by you and your goals.

Our Investments division is committed to providing disciplined research, prudent strategies and objective portfolio management. We configure your portfolio based on your current and projected interests, including retirement, tax planning, short- and long-term investing, and wealth protection and transfer. From traditional equity and fixed income products to leading-edge alternative investment strategies, we'll help you build a portfolio designed to fulfill your objectives today and for the rest of your life.

Advance and protect

A solid investment strategy means knowing when to advance... and when to collect.

The "buy low, sell high" method was once the rule of thumb for market investors. However, today's economy and global markets create increasingly volatile and often protracted up and down cycles. And needing to withdraw assets during a down cycle can be an excruciating experience.

Ingram's Advance and Protect Strategy was designed for people who may not have an uncertain number of years to wait for markets to recover. Our methodology doesn't depend on bull markets or booms in a particular sector - it utilizes wealth-building strategies tempered with investment preservation to help control risk and protect assets. By using quantitative markers such as price, momentum and volume, coupled with expert qualitative analyses of market and investment fundamentals, we're able to determine advantageous times to enter - and exit - markets and sectors.

By monitoring trends in moving averages, price patterns and market confidence and performing a daily algorithmic analysis of your portfolio, your advisor can continually increase or decrease your exposure based on your goals and timeline, and promote consistent returns, risk protection, diversification and cash readiness.