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Community - We believe that wise investment begins with investing in our community. The members of Ingram Financial Group devote substantial time and services to local causes that we feel privileged to be part of.


At Ingram Financial Group, our commitment doesn't begin and end with our clients, but extends to helping create a prosperous community for us all. We have developed and provided our efforts to the following community events and services:

Elementary School Art Show

In 2006, IFG created an art show inviting 4 different East Polk County elementary schools to submit 15 pieces to display in our office's "art gallery." We award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to contributing students from each school, as well as cash sums to each school's art department, promoting support for the arts in these times of cutbacks.
Charity Work

We provide charity work and support efforts to WH Hospital, the Mid-Florida Medical Foundation, the Rotary Club, local blood drives and many others.